Every evening, our family takes part in the same tradition as millions around the world – we read bedtime stories. At the exact time my husband and I expect (about an hour too late), all six of us jammy up, grab our milks (the newborn likes his extra fresh), and fight over who lays where in our king-sized bed. The kids usually play a game of “poop-box” (err…I’ll  explain that another time), cover up their favorite stuffed animals with wash rags, and everyone picks a book, even my husband and me. We fight about who’s book is read first. Then, the stories happen, and it’s the best time of the day. We each pick a book from “the favorite shelf”. No mystery here – it’s a special shelf (at toddler height) where we each have the right to put only our most favorite books. And when someone says, “momma, where’s The Polar Express,” and I say, “Check the favorite shelf,” there’s no confusion. Understand, these books are the créme de la créme of our family’s reading taste. I would like to invite you on a tour of our “the favorite shelf”, and I’d love to hear about who lives on your’s. Together, maybe we can someday have an entire favorite bookshelf or two. 

The Favorite Shelf


Welcome to The Favorite Shelf 

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  There are many kinds of children’s books. You’ve got your one-word-per-page board books full of important nouns—cat, house, pants, pumpkin, etc. The kind the baby can chew and throw


Book Chat: In My Heart

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  Kathleen E. Frey In My Heart by Jo Witek  illustrated by Christine Roussey    Feelings. Holy Moly. It all started with a piece of fruit. I’m not talking about


Let’s Go Home

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Written by Cynthia Rylant Illustrated By Wendy Anderson Halperin This book takes a walk through home—where the heart is. It’s an old cliché, but upon reading this story, I’ve realized